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It’s been a while!

I’m sorry its been a while since I last posted anything, let me explain why. I believe in previous posts I mentioned I had signed up to do a craft market in the autumn and so there I was thinking I had plenty of time to enjoy crocheting some lovely items to sell. So what happened?  As I said, one minute I was calm and relaxed about what I needed to prepare then the next I had signed up to do my first craft market with just a matter of weeks to get organised!

So what does getting organised look like? Well firstly, lots of manic crocheting followed by mild panicking, getting business cards designed and printed, a big shout out to the amazing Gabrielle Cole, who designed my cards and suggested the printing company BananaPrint. Please check out her amazing artwork at . I then sorted out Insurance and a card reader and still I continued to manically crochet  thinking I didn’t have  enough to make a stall look interesting and enticing. The next concern was whether what I had to display/sell would be what people would want to buy, ooooo the stress. Oh then there was what to do about signage, with 4 days to go! Pricing, how to display everything? Oh the headache of it all.

Signage was solved by another amazing friend who kindly made cards for me which I then crocheted together to look like bunting (to that friend –  lunch is on me next time we go out). Pricing was discussed at length at a show and tell session with friends. That wonderful friend who solved the signage dilema also helped by picking up a couple of bamboo mug trees when she went shopping. Why did I need mug trees? The answer will become clear when you look at the photos! Amazon, also played its role, promptly delivering a white bed sheet (to cover the table) and bread ties! What were the bread ties for? Now this was a cunning little trick, of which I am taking full credit, after a light bulb moment. Whilst pondering on how I could display a range of items to ensure they were presented well, without damaging the items and giving easy access. Bread ties of course! By using the bread ties I was able to attach items that would look their best if hung but were easy to undo if items were purchased.

So to the day of reckoning arrived, only to be the hottest day of the year so far. The van was packed and off we went (we being myself and my very wonderful long-suffering husband). We arrived at Reuthes, the lost gardens of Sevenoaks, unpacked the van and found the pitch. The set up began. First the gazebo then the table, mandalas were hung along the back of the gazebo and bunting down both sides. On the table, the mug trees proudly displayed a range of key rings a couple of blankets and an album of my work – I was ready!

It was so difficult to get good photos on the day, but I’m sure you can get a feel for the stall and remember this was my very first craft market and the display was all in my head, so for a first run I think it looked pretty good even if I do say so myself!

The venue was lovely, Reuthes the Lost Gardens of Sevenoaks (Kent in the UK if you happen to be reading this from somewhere else in the world). This was their second ever hosting of a craft market and I for one certainly think they did a good job. They were well organised knowing exactly where everyone selling was going to be pitched. There was a good range of stalls, nothing doubled up. It was very friendly and the alpacas were so very cute.

Reuthes is a fabulous site with lots to do and see, including a fairy trail, Alpaca trekking, a nursery with a wide variety of plants and of course the essential cafe to name but a few.

Unfortunately, I think the heat kept people away, on saying that I made some sales and had lots of positive comments and met some lovely people, so for a first experience it was great. I have signed up for the August and September markets, so it couldnt have been too bad! So the crocheting continues as does the planning…

The weather continues to be hot, I continue to find more things I want to make. I have a mandala commission to keep me occupied and several other mandalas that I want to make as well as some new items for the next craft market and thinking ahead I have plans for the October market which include halloween makes and christmas makes for the November one, these are more local and in a hall so no worries about the weather being too hot or wet which seems to be the case now.

Continue to stay safe

Best wishes


Take a peek at her artwork is amazing.