The First One!

Well here goes…

So what does one write about for the first time? As the blog is about crochet then I guess it should actually be about crochet.

Now I’m not a wordsmith and so the grammar might not always be correct and the language won’t be flowery but I’m hoping my passion will come through and hopefully it’ll be fun. I also hope it will bring inspiration to you the reader as well as to myself as having found the courage to write about my passion I’m hoping that I’ll find the confidence one day to design and write my own patterns.

I started crocheting about 5 years ago, initially to help my hands from becoming stiff, after a rather nasty virus left me with fibromyalgia, I also needed to do something for the mind. I knew it had to be creative, mobile enough to do anywhere, fun to do and productive. Well crochet certainly ticked all those. The moment I picked up a hook and mastered the basics I was dare I say it ‘hooked’!

I can honestly say I love absolutely everything about crochet and as I’m not currently working I spend a lot of time thinking about crochet, working on crochet projects, looking for patterns, looking for patterns, oooing and ahhhing over yarn (can’t wait until I can go and have a good squish!) and hooks so the next obvious step was a blog about crochet and my journey as a crocheter.

Crochet has become a passion. I love making blankets and boy are there loads of patterns I want to do, there are some truly amazing and inspiring designers out there. I also can’t get enough of Mandala’s and during the lockdowns I have made a whole variety, some bright and bold but also many made in natural unicoloured cotton or linen. They make great decorative pieces. If Mandalas aren’t your thing but you are still looking for something decorative there are some great patterns for wall hangings out there.

And then theres bunting! Whats not to love about bunting? It’s pretty, It can make a tent look special and recognisable when returning a bit late from the pub! You can hang it in the garden, conservatory or child’s bedroom. I had christmas stocking bunting in my hall over Christmas, obviously, and Christmas tree bunting hanging around the lounge fireplace. There’s so many different styles, colours and designs that work well as bunting – If you can imagine it you can create it! (That’s a bit of a bold statement isnt it?)

Amigurumi is another style of crochet and I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. I can and will do it but I really don’t prefer it. I’m sure as I continue to write more in the future it will include the odd amigurumi piece so watch this space.

I recently made my first foray into the realms of mosaic crochet, wow! A big thank you goes to Sarah-Jane at Bella Coco Crochet and her advent calendar for giving me the the courage to try something new. I can most definitely say it won’t be my last adventure with Mosaic Crochet, I have already downloaded a host of amazing patterns from Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar an Icelandic designer. I now just have to finish a few WIPs (Works In Progress) before I can decide which one of Tinna’s patterns I want to try first, fortunately Tinna has a great YouTube Channel which I’m sure I’ll be using a lot when I finally start.

Now is probably a good place to stop so I can get on with some of those WIPs.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and will continue to read my ramblings. Until next time keep crocheting or crafting and please stay safe.